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Email Marketing Service

Whether you are a new brand in the market or an established seasoned player, email marketing is the perfect mode to deliver your message to the masses. If you have a product to sell, a service to provide or a cause to promote, email marketing gives a professional edge to your campaigns, without going tough on your budget. At Nettonic, we specialize in creating high quality, eye popping emails that are sure to grab the attention of the reader. Our emails save your hard earned money, precious time and last but not the least, refuses to be ignored by your current and potential customers.

How can we help you.

Besides delivering your message, our email marketing software provides professional consultancy, design services and additional support, to help you make the most out of your marketing efforts. The email marketing campaign comprises of various segments, and attends to even the minutest details. We understand that as a busy marketing professional you have limited time so our experienced team works as your perfect email partner and helps you keep the control of every aspect. Our services include,

Email marketing software.

Nettonic leverages the state of the art software tools to help you maximize your gains with your marketing campaigns. The editing software aids to craft the perfect eye popping and attention grabbing marketing stuff from your existing templates. With Segmentation, you can benefit from convenient custom messaging within the email listing, and the Trigger is the key to creating automated email messaging based on your customers’ actions. Besides the aforementioned, the software also encompass a host of other supporting features like real time reports, personalization, texting/sms and complementing other forms of digital marketing.

Perfect solutions

Besides offering a long list of email marketing services, we take great pride in offering tailor made solutions in the specific area of concern. Our efforts assure you of enhanced campaign efficiency and sustained success. We would partner with you to suitably outsource the time eating mundane processes like list preparation, content import and testing.

Why do our services stand out?

In the markets flooded with a plethora of new and old names, our exclusive features help us stand proud and distinct.

  • HTML email templates – 100s of fully customizable templates, without any charge.
  • Endless support – Whenever you need us, just pick the phone or connect with a chat, and we are there with a friendly and prompt solution..
  • Impressive deliverability rates – Leverage the anti spam tools and resources to optimize your mails..
  • Perfectly secure – With us, you can stay assured of securing your contact list and you can upload and manage it with great ease.
  • Social media linking – Nothing can help you reach masses like the social media platform. With us you can connect with all by adding Facebook and Twitter buttons to your mails.
  • Unbeatable prices – We ensure that all our plans, for the new business entities to the established ones, befit your budget and leave you not with a hole in your pocket, but with a big smile of satisfaction on your face.

With hundreds of companies vying for the attention, it is wise to remember that only the best understand the precise business requirements. The innovative email based strategies developed by our company are ideal for your operations in the UK. To get further details and quotes, call us right away.