How To Setup Your Email

How To Setup Your Email On Your Computer or Phone

Set up your email account in Mac Mail

To configure your email account to work on the Mail app on your Mac, open the Mail app and from the pop-up, choose Other Mail Account > Continue.

Enter your name, email address (, the password for the email account, and click Sign In.

More Information available on apple support

On the next screen, fill in the server settings:

Click Sign In once you complete filling in the information. On the next step, you can choose the apps you want to use with this email account. Select your preferred apps, click Done and you will be able to use your new email account on Mac Mail.

Set up your email account in Microsoft Outlook

To set up your email account with Microsoft Outlook, go to the File drop-down menu > Account Settings > Other Email. If you’re using Mac, go to OutlookPreferencesAccounts. You will be forwarded to fill in your account information:

When you are ready completing the requested info, click Add Account and the configuration will be completed.

Access Your Email Externally Via Webmail

You can access your emails via your web browser by going to, where  is your actual domain name.

Enter your email address and its password to log in.

Set up your email account on your phone

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