10 Reasons Why Instagram Influencer Marketing Is Powerful

Why is Influencer Marketing So Promising?

Facebook might be on the decline, but social media like Instagram are only growing. Instagram’s focus on individuals and celebrity culture mean one thing; Instagram celebrities or influencers. That’s perfect for marketing, and we’d even argue the best form of social media marketing.

Brands like MvmtWatches, FrankBody, and Kylie Jenner have generated millions from Influencer marketing on Instagram.

Advertising has long been a distant, two-dimensional entity, struggling to cross the borders from faceless corporation to trusted and welcomed interruption. Influencer marketing is the key to that crossing.

With over a billion users on Instagram, included politicians, sports people, celebrities, and their own special breed, the Instagram celebrity, there’s a lot of marketing potential here regardless. What sets Instagram apart from other social media forms is the way in which people connect and engage with public figures.Influencer Marketing Growth

Instagram can humanise public figures, whilst maintaining their fame and reach, and it’s incredibly organic and natural. That carries with it a natural trustworthiness that makes it absolutely perfect for getting the word about your brand or product out there.

People care about the opinions and ideas of social media celebrities, and with so many different niches and demographics out there, Instagram influencer marketing has the potential to be incredibly targeted and precise.

That’s why it’s been exploding over the last few years, with over 70% of millennial consumers influenced by the buying recommendations of social media figures and friends, and with 30% stating that they value the opinions of non-celebrity bloggers and social media figures (according to this survey).

How Can We HelpInfluencer

  • We specialise in working with Instagram influencers who regularly provide click-through rates of between 3% – 10%
  • We have identified 100’s of niche related influencers and analysed their suitability by follower numbers, engagement and previous collaborations.
  • We DO NOT use the same influencers over and over again to reduce product blindness.
  • Cost per promotion varies massively…..it is reported that Kylie Jenner charges $1m per post.

What we offer:

  • Experience to identify the right influencer for your product
  • Proven track record to negotiate the best possible cost per promotion
  • Ability to optimise design promotions that will maximise your return
  • Knowledge to analyse results and provide report-based recommendations for future promotions.
  • Safe Secure payments – no risk to you!

For your first campaign, we will offer our services, access to our list of influencers and to build your campaigns for FREE…..all you do is cover the cost the influencer will charge.

Video Marketing Has Long Been Proven

Video marketing has long been shown to increase engagement compared to text and image-based posts, which again makes Instagram a perfect platform when it comes to marketing.

You’ve got both the ability to post videos, which from influencers regularly receive hundreds of thousands of views, and then you’ve got stories.

Stories cross a real barrier when it comes to connecting with your audience. It allows you to connect with people in real time, showing them what you’re doing, and making the overall experience much more natural, human and organic. It makes for a more trustworthy, genuine experience compared against even a posted video on Instagram.

B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t just about beauty products, not by a long stretch. Business 2 business influencer marketing is very much alive and well, and while much more prevalent on platforms like LinkedIn, we will see it start to spread over to Instagram more and more across the next few years.

The Rise of the Micro-Influencer

As the value of influencer marketing grows, and the power of social media becomes clearer to businesses, you’re not just going to be seeing the likes of Kim Kardashian selling and marketing, but micro-influencers too.

What is a micro-influencer? Simply put, it’s an influencer with less than 100,000 followers. Reaching out to figures like these means businesses are capable of really targeting the demographics and niches they need to.

What’s more, it’s never been easier to grow into a micro-influencer. Amazon has always been ahead of things when it comes to various forms of affiliate marketing, and this is no different.

Having launched Amazon Spark, which allows users to promote and monetise products easily, without already having to be a social media giant, it’s never been easier to get into social media influencing. Shopify has a similar program, called Shopify VIP.

Instagram is Rapidly Adapting to Influencer Marketing

With over a billion users, Instagram is rapidly adapting to being one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now, and that’s not just about putting out new story filters.

With so many users, and with 60% of users finding new products on Instagram, and 80% following a business, the potential for marketing is absolutely huge. This is why they’ve developed elements like Instagram shopping and a thorough and well fleshed-out analytics tool.

Instagram Shopping

The majority of social media platforms have integrated various shopping elements into their experience, and Instagram is no different. Having introduced Instagram shopping in the last year, brands are finding it easier and easier to market and sell directly through Instagram with direct links and shopping options.

This has only made it easier and more common for influencers to connect their followers with products, and this is set to keep developing in the future.

Instagram Analytics

For the businesses making use of Instagram influencer marketing, it’s always going to be about the data and figures. For a marketing technique like this to really grow and take off, it needs to be quantifiable, else it’s going to struggle to prove it’s worth, especially as the influencer pay checks grow.

That’s why Instagram has created an entire analytics suite, looking at tracking elements like engagement, reach and the way users are responding to posts.

This is what really allows Instagram influencer marketing to cross over into the mainstream, as it’s no longer going to be the daring businesses that see the potential, but instead everyone.

Going Forward, It’s All about Authenticity

Looking forward with influencer marketing, it’s all going to be about authenticity. Marketing’s traditional forms of advertising are quickly going to be left in the dust, as increasingly targeted, niche and personality-based approaches come to the fore.

That comes with one major caveat though, authenticity is a must. Even now, authenticity is an important factor, but that only set to become more and more crucial as influencer marketing continues to grow.

In the future, people will become more adjusted and used to Instagram figures attempting to promote products, so the promotions and marketing techniques used will have to become more and more authentic, from trusted, genuine influencers.

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