Marketing – 6 reasons why it doesn’t have to be complicated?

The great Picasso was once asked how he sculpted a lion. “That’s simple” he answered, “I take a slab of stone and remove everything that I don’t need. Art, he added, is the elimination of the unnecessary”… Marketing, in that respect, is no different.

Marketing is becoming increasingly complex due to the number of different opinions on how certain practices should be carried out. Improving your page rankings through SEO and increasing your overall engagement with your customers through your Social Media platforms can, of course, be time-consuming and difficult.

 As the internet becomes cluttered with noise, customers desperately yearn for simplicity. If you can keep things simple, then you stand a much better chance of keeping your audience engaged with everything you put out online. 

A simple sentence to remember

Marketing isn’t complicated. People are

Ok, that may be a little harsh but conceptionally it’s true. As marketers and people who want to market their businesses, you’re not thinking about yourself in what you do. In fact, you are marketing to your audience, consumers and buyers. Keeping the scope of our work simple helps us be more flexible when it comes to being specific to complicated needs, interests, preferences and behaviours of our audience.

When it comes down to it, marketing boils down putting something out there which is desirable enough for people to take action:

Price – What an offering is worth to People

Product – The thing People want/need from your organisation

Promotion – Informing People about your product or service

Place – Where People access/acquire your product or service

So you now have an understanding of what needs to be taken into consideration when carrying out your next marketing campaign. Let’s break this down into smaller chunks so we have a broader understanding:

Marketing so you can solve their problems

In it’s simplest form, in whatever form of marketing you carry out, every message/ campaign you put out – has to solve the problems of your audience.

For example, if you are a property manager, the problem is that people don’t want to spend the time managing their properties, it can be complicated, time-consuming and tedious. The solution…? Highlight the problem and then give the solution.

You don’t need to come up with a glitzy campaign slogan or anything that tries to sound pretty. The idea behind marketing is to tell people how it is and that you are there to solve their problem.

Give them a button to press

The number of times you see companies create these amazing promotional videos, they spend hundreds of thousands of pounds highlighting their brilliance only to forget to invite their audience to take action after. Be clear on what you want them to do and invite them to buy or participate… make sure you give them something to engage with.

Marketing Mistakes: – Make sure you don’t do this

What do the majority of people do when it comes to marketing? Complicate things…

By not creating a simple message for your audience you run the risk of confusing your audience. What you will find that most people talking about the features of their product. How it does this, how it does that, how it solves, how it’s a certain colour, and they forget at the end of the day that they are simply there to solve to problems of their customers.

Don’t complicate your adverts by talking about the features

Companies are trying to do too much. There are far too many words being used and also, too many marketing strategies. For instance, there are too many websites out there where you have no idea what they do because they are sharing all sorts of different messages to their potential customers.

You will see that they run all sort of different advertisements on social media such as display ads, video ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads, and it’s not bad to these forms of advertising at all! However, what they need to is focus on one avenue that’s going to produce income and then turn around and expand out from there.

Something to remember

Most importantly where most companies go wrong, is they like to do everything all at once. It just gets too complicated and at the end of the day, they are not getting the results they want. To get the most of the time you spend marketing for your business, just remember to keep it simple and focus on one area at a time. Once you start doing one item successfully, then you can expand from there… good luck!

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