Pay On Performance SEO


With our revolutionary Pay-on-Performance platform, we’re one of the very few SEO companies on the market that are able to guarantee results. With this breakthrough platform, we offer unique terms & conditions, where instead of paying monthly non-refundable fixed costs the customer only pays for specific keywords that have ranked for each day out of the calendar month between 1-10 positions.

With Nettonic your expenditures are guaranteed to be 2-3 times less if compared to any other SEO company out there.


At Nettonic, we provide comprehensive online marketing solutions of varying complexity across dozens of sectors aimed at delivering superior visibility on the world’s leading search engines, enabling you to get the most potential out of the rapidly evolving World Wide Web.

With several years of extensive expertise in online marketing, we understand that it’s just not enough to be at the top of the search engines. We put you at the front of your industry at a cost which is based on the concept of reward; you pay only when results are achieved.


Take advantage of an extremely large number of desired keywords and key phrases, while only paying for actual visitors to your website. You only pay for Google results on the 1st page. If you don’t reach at least 10th position, you don’t pay anything. With our performance-based SEO, you can expect:

  • A single affordable up-front bond to launch the campaign.
  • Ability to fix your maximum invoice value: If you do not want to exceed for example £1,500 per month we will recommend the best key phrases to provide maximum return on investment.
  • Competitive Cost-Effective Pricing: Every customer is treated individually with unmatched attention and courteousness. Our custom-built pricing packages are designed to fit just about any internet marketing budget.
  • You pay only when your terms are ranked on page 1 of Google
  • Independent ranking verification using
  • Money back, and additional free services if we do not achieve our guarantees within the given timeframes (conditions apply)
  • Responsive Sales Team that gets you clear answers with minimal wait times and limited gate-keeping.


  1. Nettonic will undertake keyword research based on your industry competition, the report we create will contain information relating to:
    1. Number of estimated monthly searches in UK, for each term
    2. Cost based on the phrase being positioned on Google Page 1 positions 1 to 10
    3. Equivalent Cost Per Click comparison
    4. Estimated total cost per month to be invoiced
  2. The client decides what key-word phrases will be included in the campaign
  3. Based on the number of keywords and competition the agreed refundable bond will be invoiced.
  4. On receipt of the bond, Nettonic will commence the Proof of Performance service
  5. Client invoiced only when key phrases rank on Page 1


We are a Bedford-based SEO and Integrated Digital Marketing Company with over 10 years of experience. We have worked hard to build a reputation supporting local Bedfordshire businesses and national companies.

We’ve positioned ourselves close to London, but not too far from any point in the UK where we can’t easily travel. We love meeting our clients and potential clients face-to-face and offer a firm handshake.

Nettonic are not just a Search Engine Optimisation Company, we are an agency specialising in digital marketing, and supporting local businesses. Our aim is to forge a long-term relationship assisting in promoting your brand. A Pay On Results Bedford Agency with a proven track record.

If you would like to talk to us about how to improve your online presence or any of our services including email marketing and eCommerce solutions please do not hesitate to call our phone number is 01234 261385