Social Media Or Search Engines

The use of social media is not an alien concept, and is not at all the newest innovation in the web world. Social forums, networking sites and social platforms of the like have long been around even before the Facebook revolution. While most would say that social media is the next big thing when it comes to marketing in the web, it is still no match to the power of search engines in creating a much bigger platform and a wider audience in terms of search engine marketing. A lot of businesses jump into the convenience and the hype of social media, but there are certain things that SEO and search engines do that different social media are not capable of.

Why search engines still rule the web

While social media is very useful for connecting with other users (those who are already on that specific community or network and have already heard and are talking about you), it provides only a slight – or worse, zero – visibility to outside communities and all other virtual users that might be interested in what you are offering. Social media is also great for building a channel of communication, messaging and branding, but not for answering to direct needs in a more scalable fashion. Social media also benefits from its appeal to first time and early adopters, although it lacks the greater power of search engines, which address matters in a wider scale.

Should you jump into the social media wagon?

Before considering a social media as your platform for any kind of content you may want to spread through the world, think of the long term scale, the audience reach, and ponder on how long the social media hype will be around. It is always good to look into the larger picture of things, like search engines do. Other marketing strategies and concepts should also be considered especially when creating something that you would want to share with more people. With a larger platform such as search engines, you could also devise ways to acquire new users in a scalable manner and at the same time retain your existing patrons. Social media has great benefits when it comes to networking, but it doesn’t quite match the power of larger search engines.

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